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If you would like to accomplish your goals and get outstanding results in your life you also need....

A Life Map –  Formulate a clear structured Master Plan of your desired life, with detailed action plans, so you know exactly what you have to do to reach your goals. A clear chart that leads you to successfully achieve all your goals.

Self Awareness On Who You Really Are and What’s Really Important To YouThe system that will guide you in discovering who you really are so you can set goals that are meaningful and true to YOU. This will definitely improve your odds for a successful outcome.

A Goal Setting System That is Flexible –  One that you can adjust in response to  constraints in your life.

To Remove the Road Blocks – Identify possible obstacles and sacrifices you have to make and the strategies to overcome them, as well as resources and skills required. Without this crucial step your goals will remain as dreams.

 The Law of Attraction -  Master the law of attraction so it works to your advantage. Become skilled at applying the law of attraction in your life so you always get what you desire.

 A Compelling Vision Board – Follow a blueprint on how to create a compelling Vision Board. You can create visions of what you ultimately would like to have in life in your personal Vision Board and place it where you can see it frequently. By creating a visual representation of your ideal life you are harnessing the power of your subconscious mind. Visualization is an absolute MUST if you want to manifest your dream life!

Powerful Affirmation – How to create powerful affirmations that you can use daily. You can replace the self-defeating thoughts of your inner critic with the voice of your inner cheerleader and manifest your dream faster.

A Goal Planner – A goal planner to formulate your goals in detail. It is a comprehensive checklist to ensure you have everything you need for success.

Time Management Skills – Be the master of your own time. Manage the use of your time so you can be more productive an efficient.

The Right Mentor – Learn from someone else’s experience.  Discover the criteria for the right mentor who will be accountable for your success, someone who can provide you wisdom, guidance and encouragement as you work towards your goals. It will make the road to achieving your dreams easier and faster!

The Ultimate 5 Step Goal Setting System is packed with information on these topics mentioned above to create a powerful, manifesting tool. You will also discover:

goal setting

The biggest mistake you can make when setting your goals... and how YOU can avoid it!

A simple technique you can practice everyday that will accelerate the creation process - This one singular action will bring more abundance into your life immediately!

How to overcome inertia - Learn how to create momentum in spite of fearful thoughts or lethargic feeling. Once momentum is generated  you can just focus on achieving your goals.

Tips on setting meaningful goals – You have to set goals that mean a lot to you. Have you ever set goals for yourself and achieve those goals, only to realize that they really didn't mean anything to you? You must have compelling reasons behind your goals otherwise chances are you will not follow through with your goals. 

How to keep yourself motivated - Get into the habit of nourishing your mind daily with zero effort ......... something you can do even while driving.

Your skill gaps that are holding you back from making progress towards your goals - Identify what skills you need to develop right now to manifest your goals.

How to eliminate time-wasting activities with one simple question - This alone will enable you to once and for all focus on activities that are really important to your goals so you will accomplish your goals faster.

  What you should do to increase the chance of accomplishing your goals - Research has shown that this particular step creates a psychological drive to follow through on your commitment .

How to stop procrastinating - Are you an extreme procrastinator? Get tips on how to overcome procrastination so you can get cracking on the activities that will bring you closer to your goals.

 How you can be more committed to your dreams and your life by following a simple procedure on paper - Literally takes a minute!

How to cultivate good habits - Habits can serve us wisely and provide us with great powers to achieve our goals. We can train and educate ourselves, through habit, to do a lot of things automatically and thus save time and energy.

How to break down your goals - Find out what you need to do, so you will not be overwhelmed by the sheer size or complexity of your goals.

How to plan your day ahead - By the time you get up the next day, you will know exactly what you need to achieve for the day and you are ready to get going.

A system that rewards yourself at each milestone - If you don’t have little things to look forward to, then where is the fun in the journey? Take time to take credit for the small successes that will be stepping-stones to your greater success down the road.

What to do when going gets tough - Find out what action you need to take to stay optimistic.

Famous goal setting quotes – You don’t think quotations can change lives? Think about how Martin Luther King’s quote, “I have a dream ....... " and John F Kennedy’s  “Ask not what your country can do for you......” have changed history.

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